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Are you a skilled Boilermaker looking to expand your welding expertise to include TIG welding?

State of the Arc Academy offers TIG welding courses on various materials, including mild steel plate, pipe, aluminum, and stainless steel.

Our courses are designed to help you acquire the knowledge and skills needed to broaden your
expertise and enhance your career prospects.

State of the Arc Academy is an accredited training facility recognized by QCTO and merSETA, offering a variety of welding processes. The main courses include instruction in Safe Work Practices, Basic Hand Tools, and Electrical Grinders, although these can also be taken separately.

The learning programs at State of the Arc Academy adhere to the guidelines and curriculum set by QCTO and merSETA. These standards ensure that the programs meet industry requirements and are recognized by relevant regulatory bodies, giving learners the confidence that they are acquiring valuable skills and knowledge for the workplace.

The courses are open to anyone who seeks to expand their horizons and develop their skills, making them ideal for individuals who wish to pursue lifelong learning and personal and professional growth. Investing in education and training is crucial in keeping up with the changing demands of the job market and improving career prospects.

At State of the Arc Academy, we prioritize individual needs and strive to be flexible with our courses and scheduling. We are committed to going the extra mile to ensure our learners have a positive and customized learning experience.

If you are unable to attend during the week, no problem.

At State of the Arc Academy, we understand that weekdays can be busy for many people.

That’s why we offer weekend courses on Saturdays, to accommodate learners with busy schedules. You can pursue your training and development goals without having to worry about work or other commitments during the week.


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