DURATION:  10 to 20 DAYS

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The Candidate must comply with section 26 of the Skills Development Act with proof of all courses successfully completed, and evidence of on-the-job training. A logbook must be 100% completed.
The Candidate must have 3 years experience in the relevant trade plus a letter form the employer with details of all his duties.

Compulsory Courses or experience needed for Trade Test:
Oxy Acetylene Cutting:
Oxy Acetylene Welding: 1G, 2G, 3G Position
Oxy Acetylene Bracing 1G Position
Gas Metal Arc Welding (Co²) 1F, 2F, 3F,4F.
Shielded Metal Arc Plate Welding: 1F,2F,3F,1G,2G,3G,4G Position
50mm Pipe (Full Tig) 6G Position
170mm Pipe (TIG Root, filling and capping stick) 6G Position
Aluminium (TIG) Welding: 1G Position

To accurately assess the student’s proficiency level, State of the Arc Academy will conduct comprehensive assessments and provide detailed reports for each candidate, outlining their strengths and areas for improvement. This evaluation will help determine the student’s current skill level and identify any areas that require further attention or development. Additionally, we will estimate the time required for Trade Test Preparation, ensuring you are well-prepared for success.

Trade Test Preparation:
The Periods for Trade Test is a minimum of 4 weeks.
If the applicant did a Learner, Apprentice ship or Occupational Certificate, the period for Trade Test Preparation is 2 weeks.

After making our recommendation, the employer will have the authority to determine the duration for which State of the Arc Academy will not be held responsible, if the candidate fails to comply with our recommendation and subsequently fails the test.


Trade Test

a. 5 Days, b. 10 Days, c. 15 Days, d. 20 Days


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