15. GAS TUNGSTEN ARC WELDING – Stainless Steel




Course Description

Our aim with this training course is to provide you with good basic knowledge of Stainless Steel. Students is educated about the production and processing of Stainless Steel. Metallurgy, surface treatment and experimental techniques for problem solving is also covered.
The course includes:
The correct set-up and tacking procedures,
Type of current used and effects of AC/DC,
After completion each student will have the skills to weld Stainless Steel in all positions.
The topics covered is: Modes of metal, Basic Stainless Steel Metallurgy, Filler Metal Selection, and Metal Preparation for Stainless Steel Welding.
To complete the course student must be able to pass a skill test after each welding position.
After successful completion, each student receives a certificate.

Job Opportunities

Students will be empowered to perform production and maintenance welding in: Manufacturing of Stainless Steel Products such as Food Grade, Storage Tanks, and Fabrication plants where pre-manufacturing is assembled.

Material used in training: Stainless Steel Plate


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